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Monday, April 11, 2011

Chicago School Bans Home Meals- Dumbasses.

Sorry, my dear blog, for I have been neglecting you.
Now, I come to you, loyal blog-viewers, with an honest question: What the FUCK is this bullshit?!
Chicago School Bans Homemade Lunches
"Students who attend Chicago's Little Village Academy public school get nothing but nutritional tough love during their lunch period each day. The students can either eat the cafeteria food--or go hungry."
I just recently graduated from high school, and I can honestly attest that NOTHING schools feed kids is healthy. Absolutely, positively nothing. Not the pizza. Not the chicken tenders. Not the fries. Not the burgers. This, my friends, is all about the money. The 2.25 per kid, per meal, can go a long way for school systems...
I honestly wasn't aware individual schools could ban homemade meals. Asshats.
Furthermore, and let me turn my rant mode on here: milk is not good for you. If we were meant to drink milk for our entire lives, I'd still be attached to my mother's teat. There is nothing healthy about milk. There is not any amount of protein, calcium, carbs, or fat in milk that you could not get from a healthier, less propaganda'd source. Not saying I hate milk. I love that shit with oreos.
But I can't stand it when people tout it as healthy. Because, in all reality, it's not.

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  1. id hate to be the one responsible for taking away a kids lunch when they see someone bringing it from home.