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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Experience With iDosing

iDoser, or binaural brainwave doses, are audio files that play different frequencies in either ear. Which, supposedly, causes your brain to produce some magical, hallucinogenic third frequency. 

A friend of mine told me about this "drug", and I was extremely excited to try it. I watched as each person did a dose, and had crazy experiences. My friend who downloaded the files tried Alcohol. He said he felt like a T rex and thought his arms were lazors. My boyfriend tried Victory, he spent the rest of the night in a sweating rage, placing first in every Black Ops match he played. Another guy we were with was petting the footrest next to him, and said "I love you too baby... We'll be together some day."
Needless to say, I was fucking ready to give this a shot.
I tried one. Nothing. I tried 2 more. Nada.
I went home, 2 more after that. No dice.
At this point, I'm just kinda pissed that I can't get the stupid crap to work. 

There's one iDose called "Hand of God" that is supposedly the end all, be all, of iDoses. That is the last one I'm going to try. In fact, I'm doing it tonight. I'll be sure to come back and update you guys on how it works for me, but at this stage in my iDoser study.... They're running 0/5. 
I wouldn't waste my money.


  1. I've tried binaural waves before (only free ones)

    none worked for me either

  2. Not surprised it didnt work... all scams, lol!

  3. Yeah I tried it too, never work. not surprised
    wouldnt been awesome if it did

  4. i have been messing around with these to only slight effects thou so far

  5. Yep, never worked for me at all!

  6. This app has a lot of nice pictures and a lot of bs marketing. Although bi aural brainwave does work, its not as powerful as the app says.
    The Nostalgia Corner.

  7. T-rex, laser hand guy here. My first two attempts didn't at work. I convinced myself I wasn't clearing my head enough. When I tried "alcohol" it left me in an uncontrollable fit of laughter and a very high/drunk like state. It's most probably attributed to the placebo effect..

    This vid displays how strange it is xD.

  8. Never even heard of these things before but they sound pretty fake just from the description

  9. haha this sounds interesting imma try some of the free ones

  10. intersteding i was going to find a torrent/rapidshare for these.. not even sure if i'll try.. maybe for background music in my room or something.. or do you have to have intenese headphones in?


  11. Azu, you need headphones like the ones pictured, that cover your ear.
    The dose -supposedly- works by playing different frequencies through each ear. So playing through the room wouldn't have any effect.
    As far as background music, that really depends on what you consider "relaxing". I myself don't think it's relaxing at all. You'd be better off listen to some Indian dude play the flute next to a waterfall, imho.

    Great! If I'm not following you yet, be sure to link your blog in my other post so I can get at you!

  12. Tried idoser. Never worked : \

  13. meh, i fell asleep in alcohol and it just gave me nightmares. ive tried it awake and nothing.
    a sound drug is too good to be true.