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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gotta Catch 'Em All-Why I Love Pokemon

Yesterday, after being convinced by many of my peers that it was a good idea, I went to the local Gamestop and bought Pokemon Black. Let it be known that the most recent Pokemon game I've played is Crystal(Because Fire Red doesn't count), and after I stopped playing I completely fell out of Poke-circulation. I mean, when the hell were there 649 Pokemon? I stopped counting after Celebi. 

Needless to say, it wasn't hard for me to get back in the habit. I've logged about 10 hours into the game since having bought it 24 hours ago, and as soon as I finish tying this blog, I'll likely go log in another 10 more. It's like crack, man. 
Of course the newer games are a lot different for me. I'm completely ignorant  of every creature I've encountered thus far. I mean, when Professor Whosiewhatsit was all, "Here have a Pokemon", I had no idea who to pick. I ended up choosing Tepig. (kinda disappointed by that, but none of them really "spoke" to me, ya know). Also, in my opinion the gameplay is more difficult than in the previous games (Red-Crystal), such as with Pokemon strength and weakness. I mean, a level fifteen Sauk HAMMERED all 4 of my level 18 Pokemon. Hot damn.
Really though, I'm obsessed with this stupid game already. Just like when I was 10, leveling my Tyranitar to 100 with cloned rare candies.
There are really a lot of things I love about Pokemon. The nostalgia, the competitiveness(must catch all, must have highest level, must beat all gym leaders), the cute-as-shit Pokemon... But really, my favorite thing is that anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can play it. A ten year old, a college student, American, Japanese. Anyone.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go level up my Herdier.


  1. you can never catch em all XD.

    i got my Unnova pokedex half full already.

  2. you definitely are "keeping it classy" with that intro dugtrio pic ;)

  3. YES! I felt the same way. I had stopped playing Pokemon after I obliterated Silver. Started back up with Platinum and was utterly lost. Suddenly Pokemon had abilities. New ones with unpronounceable names. Trading was done wireless online. New moves that even to this day I have no idea what they really do. I tried to catch em all only to later realize that there are over 600 of those critters and most of them are not available in my current game. I felt overwhelmed and had no idea how to pick up where I left off.
    Eventually I beat it and started to raise pokemon for competitive battling. Im not very good, but Im trying.
    Im in love with my copy of White that I recently got! Started out with my Snivy boosted my group up to LVL 10 before I even got onto Route 001.

  4. @schultzz: I can't imagine how anyone ever could get them all. I just made it to the 4th gym and I've already put 12 hours into this game. My pokedex is only 30ish. But, I'm definitely going to try and get 'em. I don't even know if the other regions are available or not...
    @Azu: You know you like it.
    @Warlockparty: I've never even played platnium. >.> I'm thinking about getting Soul Silver just to make myself feel better about this whole thing.

    ON A SIDE NOTE: I officially declare Munna as the most annoying Pokemon in the whole game. It's all like, "woo let me dodge all your moves and heal myself constantly, I can't just attack you". Asshole.

  5. Wait until you get to the Elite 4, you're in store for an ass-whupping.

  6. I highly recommend a strong Fighting Pokémon, it will go a long way.

  7. LMAO dugtrio lol. I never caught them all :(
    good post!

  8. I really wanted Black or White version, but I don't have my own DS. The last one I bought was Pokemon Pearl, and me and my brother would share his DS for that, but it would be nice to have my own. I usually end up skipping every other pokemon game, so since I missed buying heart gold, maybe I'll end up getting Black version. Also, LOVE the comic haha.

  9. Theres so much new stuff in this game with new almost everything. It's a great game although i'm only halfway through it.